A Modern Approach to Legal Services

Law firms are notorious for over-billing clients and charging unexpected legal fees and costs, leading to an enormous bill. I do not believe in that approach.  Instead, I am happy to offer a cost-effective fee structure, which utilizes a flat fee for the most common family law matters.  The flat fee model allows my clients to budget by providing upfront costs tailored to each specific situation*. My clients have the ability to financially plan for their case, allowing piece of mind in knowing the money won't run out in the middle of a case. I will not bill you for every phone call or email.

Clients always have the option to use a traditional hourly fee arrangement at any time during representation.

Call my office today to schedule an initial consultation where I can assess your situation, explain your options and provide you a quote on the services I am able to offer you.

*Flat fee services apply to many aspects of my practice, but some services may be billed on an hourly fee basis which will be disclosed to the client upfront and before proceeding with that service.